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makeyourlist [72.5] Anything

Stuff On or Inside Robert Goren's Desk

1. Leather binder
2. Stacks of folders containing notes and old cases
3. Calendar blotter with notes scribbled on the days
4. MCS mug of pens/pencils
5. Hot Rod
6. Old Car Price Guide
7. A rubber rat
8. Phone records for Geraldine Buckman
9. Janson's History of Art
10. DSM-IV
11. Various psychology textbooks, abnormal and non
12. Witness statements from Roger Buckman, Terrance Howard, and Jack Snow
13. Geraldine Buckman's financial report
14. Three unopened letters from Wally
15. An untouched Ruben sandwich from the corner deli
16. Stapler
17. Telephone
18. Post-Its
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writers_muses 82.8 Annoying Neighbor

RP for vivace_vita

Living in an apartment complex subjects you to all kinds of neighbors.  There are the quiet, keep-to-themselves kind, who do exactly that: keep to themselves.  Those are the neighbors most people hope they get.  And then there are the ones who are anything but quiet.  You've got your Porn Stars whose rhythmic thumping lulls you to insomnia.  You've got your Rock Star Wannabes who've blown out their ear drums and are now working on yours.  You've got the couple who should be on an episode of Cops -- the ones who spend more time fighting than anything else.

The bachelor who lived next door to Bobby was a lovely combination of all types.  Tonight was either loud sex night or domestic abuse night.  Or possibly both.  It was hard to tell.

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(no subject)

This is me making an executive decision.  It's not anything major really and only effects vivace_vita

By decree of the Queen, I hereby retcon Bobby's prescription drug use.  The aforementioned detective is no longer being prescribed anti-depressants or the drug for alcoholism.

Hee I'm so lame.

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The state of the muse

I've been thinking about this for a while now and I've been denying it was possible.  I'm afraid I'm losing interest in this character.  I can't seem to motivate myself to write anything for him and there's absolutely no excitement in doing so.  It's starting to feel like pulling teeth.  I'm holding out until the new season starts on April 19th, but if this continues after that, I'm probably going to retire him.  I'm sure you all know how difficult this is to admit.
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theatrical_muse [#275] Life in Retrospect

"That's why I write, because life never works except in retrospect. You can't control life, at least you can control your version."
— Chuck Palahniuk (Stranger Than Fiction: True Stories)

Life never works except in retrospect.  When you're lost in a moment--a moment that demands your attention like the death of a family member--all you can focus on is how every cosmic power is working against you.  It's almost like you have tunnel vision.  Your field of view is fixed on getting through whatever circumstance you've found yourself in and you're forced to block out everything around you.  You attempt to block out the feelings by jumping headfirst into work but you're still coming apart at the seams.

But eventually, little by little, the tunnel vision fades.  When you've made it to the other side of whatever it was you were struggling through, you can finally take a step back.  You can take in the whole picture.  These moments--deaths of family members, emotional trauma, et cetera--are life changing moments like little dots on the timeline of your life.  When you step back, you can see the linear progression of these dots and you're able to see how they've played out to get you to where you are now.  It's only when you step back and take in the big picture that you can see that there is some kind of method to the metaphorical madness.