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I owe people tags, however, I'm in one of those "I want to do other fun things" phases.  I have all my tabs open still, so you'll get your responses, but just really late.  Feel free to ignore them if they're too old or irrelevant.

Also, I'm going to visit my sister in Wisconsin tomorrow.  I'm taking my computer, but I don't know if I'll be tagging.  We'll be back Thursday.
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Hello, friends!

Hello again!  JSYK, I have no idea what I'm doing anymore with this muse and his millions of journals.  I think I have one Journal-type journal and this more Fic-type journal.  Or something?  But anyway.

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ooc: state of the muse?

I seriously miss writing for this muse.  I need to start doing it again.  When I get back from Wisconsin, I'm going to find a prompt table and do it or at least make a serious effort to bring him back.
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State of the Muse

Well...I keep trying to bring Goren back into full swing, but I always lose him to the cranky old man in my head.  It makes Kris very sad.  I imagine it's a lot like riding a bicycle to me in that I can pick him up again.  If you, my flist have any suggestions on balancing more than one muse, please let me know.  And if you have any ideas on how to bring Goren back, I'd love to hear them.  Maybe you've had a similar experience?