Robert Goren (rgoren_nypd) wrote,
Robert Goren

lawandorder100 Recovery

recovery |riˈkəvərē|
noun ( pl. -eries)
the action or process of regaining possession or control of something stolen or lost

Amber liquid swirls down the drain, swishing in the metal basin.  Bottles are lined up on the tacky kitchen counter, empties on one side and mostly empty on the other.  He's starting over.  Again.  He goes in circles, in cycles.  This morning was down.  Half a bottle went down.  He lost too much: his mother, his mentor, his nemesis, his brother, his job, his life.  But he wants his control back and he wants his equilibrium back.  One bottle for each until there's nothing left.  He can breathe again, think again.  Hands grip the tacky Formica counter while the room still spins.
Tags: [entry] narrative, [storyline] alcoholism, [verse] canon, [what] fic: drabble

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