Robert Goren (rgoren_nypd) wrote,
Robert Goren

State of the Muse

This started out as a hiatus post and a post about retiring a verse and some storylines/plots, but as I started looking though to see what I could salvage, I realized every single prompt I had written was related to the verse and the character that's being retired.

I realized I need to start over, completely from scratch.  So, as of right now, this journal is retired.

I'm going to be notifying the prompt comms I still belong to, leaving the ones that are dead, and switching over to an old journal I haven't touched in a year.  I'm going to completely reset Goren and he will be strictly canon.  Don't expect too much because I have to completely change how I look at him and how I think about him and how he in my head thinks.  If you'd like to come along for the ride and want to stay on Goren's flist, add robertgoren.  Any RP relationships will be severed and any muses he knew will be strangers to him.  If you want to work something out regarding your muse, please let me know and I'll see what we can do.

Hopefully this isn't the death knell.

Tags: !ooc

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