Robert Goren (rgoren_nypd) wrote,
Robert Goren

State of the Muse

Okay, so we were just given a buttload of canon tonight.  We were shown more of Goren's house (yes, it's either a house or a walk-up) and his kitchen won't be on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens any time soon.  It screams bachelor (no real surprise) but obviously goes in the face of what I have established here in [verse] domestic bliss.  We were also given a location: Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  So, for [verse] domestic bliss, we're going to stick with the brownstone aspect, but keep it in the East Village as established here.  [verse] canon will stay with canon.

We also find out Goren has a niece!  God knows who her parents are, but I'll work with that if/when they give it to me.  Her name is Molly and she's 9.  She'll be incorporated into both of the verses mentioned above.

Tags: !ooc

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