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muse_academy [Week Four] Muse Inquiries - Vice

Muse Inquiries – Week Four - Vice

1. Does your muse indulge in any vice? Are there several?
There are two.  He smokes on occasion which is really more of a nervous habit than anything else.  He does it because he needs something to do with his hands.  There's something about sucking on a cancer stick that he finds relaxing.  The other vice he indulges in is alcohol, but he takes that to a completely different level: he's an alcoholic.

2. Is your muse addicted to any vice, physically or psychologically?
The definition of alcoholism says it's an addiction, but it's also been called a disease.  He's not so far gone that he starts his morning with a mug of coffee-flavored whiskey, but there is a certain amount of psychological addiction.

3. How far would they go to have their desired vice?
Recently, within the last couple months, he's begun to lie about where he is when he's out late.  He claims he's working late but it's usually that he got off work earlier and went to a bar.  When he gets home, it's obvious what he was doing, but his girlfriend doesn't ask anymore.  He's also started buying small bottles of alcohol again and finding new places to stash them in the apartment.  It's not an everyday thing, though, so he's not to the point where he'd break your arm just for a drink.
4. Do they engage in illegal types of vice? If so, do they suffer consequences?
Everything he does is completely legal.

5. Do their vices create problems in their interpersonal relationships? Have their loved ones tried to get them to quit?
His drinking problem is the only thing that causes problems with his closest personal relationships.  His friends don't know about it and neither does his partner, but they all suspect something.  Last summer, he ran into lieu_murphy while drunk and alienated her completely; they've been at odds ever since, but they never got along well to start with. 

His relationship with his girlfriend is the most rocky.  She's tried to get him to quit before, but she also plays the part of The Provoker: endures and accepts broken promises; hurt and upset by repeated episodes; always outwitted and undermined; keeps like going but displays bitterness, resentment, hurt, and fear; controls, forces, sacrifices, and adjusts but never gives up; does not want to fail him, adjusts to all the crises; never knows what to say without adding guilt and bitterness; never carries out the threat to leave.  She's his biggest supporter but also his main source of guilt.  He drinks and they fight which makes him turn around and drink to cope with the fighting.

6. Is the vice realistic, given the background, socio-economic status and stature of the muse? Be honest. For example, do you have a broke, blue collar muse indulging in high class call girls and Cristal, while snorting pure cocaine? Or is he drinking beer, getting a corner streetwalker and smoking crack?
Cops have some of the highest rates of depression, alcoholism, and suicide in the country, so I'd say it's very appropriate.

7. Has your muse ever kicked a vice? How did you write and play that?
He can go a few months being sober but something will happen and he'll relapse.  He gets these sparks of determination and will go cold turkey, which works, until like I said, something happens.  When he's on the wagon, I write him as having the longing and the cravings but thinking of his family in order to motivate himself to behave.  If he's not feeling like he wants to slit his own throat, he can usually do well.

8. What triggers a craving for the vice? Is it something they indulge in for sexual gratification or out of depression? How does that hunger begin?
He drinks purely out of depression.  Even when he's on the wagon, just the sight of a liquor store will be enough to start the cravings.  The liquor store plants a seed in his head, a suggestion of what he could be doing instead and given his general state of depression, it feels like a really good idea.  The cravings nag at him and, depending on the day, he either indulges them or forces himself to surround himself with things or people that can distract him and make him feel better, i.e. his family.  The end result is usually the former, though.  If it's a bad day and he's deep in his depression, he does it without thinking.

9. What damage does the vice do to their physical being? What damage SHOULD it do?
Obviously, his liver is starting to really hate him.  The rest of his physical condition is symptoms of a greater issue.  He's out of shape, tired all the time, and just generally "gray".  He's had more than a few mornings where he's woken up still drunk or completely hungover, and both situations he feels like death rolled over.  He's also had a handful of nights spent on the bathroom floor, too.

10. Link to a fic or roleplay thread that shows your character indulging in a vice, and talk about how that came to play out.
This is the only fic I have where he's actively engaging in his chosen vice.  All the rest with the [storyline] alcoholism tag are about what happens after he's been drinking.  The post I linked to actually was the end of one of his binge.  It was him reaching the bottom of one of many holes.  It lead to being able to reconcile with his girlfriend and starting back in therapy.  Needless to say, it didn't last long because the shows writer's threw more crap at him.


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