November 16th, 2007


1.83 Mun Prompt

Just for fun, create an NPC for your muse, someone who would interact with your muse in a way that no one else does. What would they be like, and what would their connection be to your muse? How do you think they would interact with the other muses in your character’s world?


I've sort of already done this.  I'm sticking as close to canon as I can (or at least trying to), but I've carried over Bobby' significant other from all_in_order.  Andrea "Andy" Viviano was actually created by munchsvu's mun, but since I'm NPCing her, I get to call the shots and change things about their relationship.

Andy definitely interacts with Bobby in ways no one else does.  She's a big kid at heart and appeals to his sense of humor.  She enables him to loosen up and relax.  Because of her, more of his dorky-ness comes out, things like his little dance at the beginning of Unrequited.  In a way, she's a lot like his partner, Alex Eames, in that she's very sarcastic, maybe even more so than Eames.  Andy practically lacks the ability to say anything seriously, having to turn everything she says into a quip or joke.  She's one of the few people, like Alex, who can get a genuine smile or laugh out of Bobby.  She's a very simple girl, compared to him.  She likes things because they're pretty, or for other face value reasons.  Because of this, they can't look at art together.  She's more interested in the Impressionists like Monet and Degas because they're pretty to look at.  He, on the other hand, is interested in thinking about the work and prefers Postmodernist artists like (but not limited to) Judd and De Kooning.

In my head, they met somewhere less tacky than a bar.  Both being cops, they probably ran across each other over the course of an investigation.  Seeing as he's pretty charming and so is she, they probably hit it off.  Unlike at all_in_order, they've had a long relationship and though it's serious, neither is ready to tie the knot.

Andy is the life of the party, the center of attention and I think she could steal the spotlight from him.  She gets along with nearly everyone so his friends would become her friends and vice versa.  Being a cop, she'd relate to the people in his world better than someone else might.  She may even already know some of them before having met him.

Character: Robert Goren
Fandom: Law and Order: CI
Word Count: 362
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