solve_you [1.21] Brownstone

Up the front steps.  Open the door.  Under the hall arch.  Your apartment is empty.  The same way it always is when you come home from work.  Except this is the last time you'll come in from 1PP.  No gold badge to toss on the counter.  No gun to thunk down next to it.  No ID clip to clatter to the counter. 

That's it. 
It's all done. 

Your old brownstone is empty as it always will be.  Your dishes are half done, there are soda cans on the counter.  What are you supposed to do now?  Maybe tomorrow you'll figure it out.  After all, now you have all the time in the world.  Tonight, you drink.
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I shelled out $15 to rename this journal.  I thought that maybe the old username was keeping me held back and trapped.  So if you're suddenly wondering where detectivebear went, that's me!  And I am so looking forward to May 1.

And apparently when I told it to clear out the journals that had me friended but that I didn't have friended, it also took out the ones I did have friended. So poor Bobby has no friends anymore. If you had me friended, please add me back!
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One word

Type only one word.

1. Where is your cell phone?  Pocket
2. Your significant other?  Who?
3. Your hair?  Gray
4. Your mother?  Gone
5. Your father?  Not
6. Your favorite thing?  Reading
7. Your dream last night?  None
8. Your favorite drink?  Glenlivit
9. Your dream/goal?  Work
10. The room you're in?  Kitchen
11. Your fear?  Heaven
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?  Living
13. Where were you last night?  Out
14. What you're not?   Fixed
15. Muffins? Sure
16. One of your wish list items?  Achieved
17. Where did you grow up?  Brooklyn
18. The last thing you did?  Dishes
19. What are you wearing?  Sweatshirt
20. Your TV?  Off
21. Your pet?  None
22. Your computer?  Mac
23. Your life?  Recovering
24. Your mood?  Better
25. Missing someone?  Yes
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What.  The hell.  I am still trying to get this journal back into full-swing like its glory days.  Today, I am going to clean out the friends list and the profile.  Then I'll see where it goes from there.

lawandorder100 Recovery

recovery |riˈkəvərē|
noun ( pl. -eries)
the action or process of regaining possession or control of something stolen or lost

Amber liquid swirls down the drain, swishing in the metal basin.  Bottles are lined up on the tacky kitchen counter, empties on one side and mostly empty on the other.  He's starting over.  Again.  He goes in circles, in cycles.  This morning was down.  Half a bottle went down.  He lost too much: his mother, his mentor, his nemesis, his brother, his job, his life.  But he wants his control back and he wants his equilibrium back.  One bottle for each until there's nothing left.  He can breathe again, think again.  Hands grip the tacky Formica counter while the room still spins.

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Take a minute, in 2010...

1. Will you answer every question honestly?

2. Did you ever stay up all night while drunk or high?
Drunkenness typically leads to unconsciousness.

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